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The KDS Inc. is built on precision design and
manufacturing for high-speed signal area testing solutions.


SI / PI simulation
Signal Integrity analysis

KDS Inc. is your partner for Signal Integrity analysis services.
The increasing rise/fall time of logic for DDR, LPDDR, GDDR, LVDS, SATA, PCIe designs, most of high-speed designers must be concerned with the signal integrity of their designs.

  • High speed memory test system designs
  • High speed logic signal, multi layer digital PCB designs
  • High frequency RF / Microwave PCB designs

We provide a complete SI analysis of your board including reflection,
s-parameter, crosstalk and multi-gigabit signaling.

Power integrity analysis

The system engineer should estimate the number, value, and type of allowable current limits and decoupling capacitors.

Currently, most system ICs require high performance power specifications while using very low multi-voltage rails. To avoid excessive current density and DC voltage drop, the low voltage design defining the power and GND planes can be solved by PI analysis.

  • Concurrent multi-voltage rail?
  • Is the voltage and tolerance low?
  • Increased current requirements?

If so, it may be necessary to perform a power integrity (PI) analysis of the design to ensure proper functioning of the board.